Could lymphedema become a thing of the past?

March 18, 2010

Approximately thirty percent of all breast cancer patients that have lymph nodes removed develop a swelling condition post-surgery called lymphedema. As luck would have it, I fell into that thirty percent. But my luck may be changing, thanks to a doctor named Marga Massey. A story about the procedure she is performing on breast cancer patients aired on a local cable news program here in Tampa recently. The basic gist of it is that she removes lymph nodes from the patient’s abdomen and transplants them in the underarm area where lymph nodes have been previously removed. I contacted Dr. Massey’s office already, as I’m curious to know if there are any doctors locally that are performing this procedure, and to my delight, I already received a return phone call. Lymphedema is not the most horrible side affect of cancer, but if this solution is a remedy I can attempt, I’m all for it. Maybe there’s hope that I can wear my gorgeous wedding band on the correct hand after all.


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