Ignorance Really is Bliss

March 26, 2010


Exhibit A: The script for birth control pills that went unfilled, thanks to the voices inside my head.

So how exactly did I end up pregnant with cancer? I guess I’d say it was 1/2 ignorance and 1/2 devine intervention. My now husband and I were engaged to be married in February of 2008. We had already discussed the possibility of having a child to go along with the one from his previous marriage, but to be honest, we were still on the fence about the matter. I had heard this myth that when a woman takes birth control pills for many years that it is often hard to conceive when she goes off of them. I discussed this perception with my OB/GYN, and he told me that if I was not 100% ready to start a family that I should stay on the pill as long as I liked and it would not affect my ability to conceive. He wrote me a script for them on March 4, 2008 when I was present for my annual “well woman” exam.

For some reason, I did not believe him, and we decided to stay off of the pill and use other means of protection for awhile. Most of the time. After doing a little online research about the female cycle, I fell under the impression that there were “safe days” on which we could refrain from using the dreaded rubber glove. Apparently it was either my inability to use a calendar, or my online sources were invalid, because low and behold, I got pregnant on what was supposed to be a “safe day.” Sometime in April, my sweet little girl was conceived in that small window of time between the OB/GYN appointment in March and the mastectomy and lymph node surgeries in May. I was five weeks pregnant before anyone realized she existed. She survived an MRI, a pet scan and the anesthesia of two surgeries. She gives new meaning to the word “survivor,” and I’m guessing she’ll redefine “hero” as well. Just look at exhbibit B.

Exhibit B: Chemobaby at 14 months



  1. Glad to have found your blog! Thanks for writing.

    • Thanks for following. I have a lot going on so…I have a lot to write about. It’s all good…

  2. What a story – you’re one strong person. Has your cancer been declared in remission since this all happened or are you still battling it? All best to you and yours!

    • Thank you…I’m cancer-free now and hope to stay that way. On to bigger and better things!

  3. Your story is amazing. I know of some of it from Christina (you and I actually met in Disney World while you were still pregnant). I so applaud you for doing what you did.

    Not that I am trying to compare our situation but I was advised so many times to abort Noah, our son with down syndrome. I have always been pro-life anyway but to see firsthand how this is the first option for many Drs. is very sad to me.

    I cringe to think at what we would have missed out on.

    I am glad your feeling better and your daughter is doing fine! She is so cute! I am sure your going to be an inspiration for many families!

    • Thank you, and I think you are amazing for taking on a special needs child. I have one, too…my daughter ended up having sppina bifida, which had nothing to do with me having cancer, so I have some idea what it’s like. Knowing that you are going to have a baby with challenges but still trying to enjoy the pregnancy and get to the good part, meeting them face to face! It’s hard, but we have been really blessed and getting cancer really made me appreciate life and all the things that I have. Thanks for visiting and best wishes to you and your family.

  4. oh my goodness, what a beautiful baby. I just found your blog and I’m struck by the timing. I didn’t find out I had cancer till just before my daughter’s first birthday (it was treated as recurring mastitis for 6 months). That was 3 weeks ago and we still haven’t even scheduled the mastectomy. I can’t imagine battling cancer during the pregnancy. I can’t imagine going through this without my little ray of sunshine. best wishes.

    • Thanks for visiting! I didn’t realize that I had comments in here. (Still new at this whole blogging thing) My oncologist believes that for some strange reason, pregnant women tolerate chemo easier. I had a fabulous pregnancy, felt great the whole time and never had any nausea from the chemo. It was amazing! Well, I wish you the best with your surgeries/treatments and if you ever need someone to talk to, please know I’m all ears.

  5. What a true miracle story! I am visiting from Fairly Odd Mother…glad she pointed me in your direction. I think it is important to share this stuff, so thanks! 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting. Fairly Odd Mother has been a huge support to me through all of this…even with the distance, she found ways to help me. She is an amazing woman and my brother is lucky to be married to her!

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