Nothing brighten’s the day like a new perspective

April 28, 2010

The other day I was in the crowded waiting room of my daughter’s gastrointestinal specialist when this woman looked over at me and smiled. She had a baby in a buggy that was shielded from my view. We exchanged the usual niceties of how old is your baby, how much does she weigh, etc. She said to me, “You’re baby’s so happy!”

“She’s happy alright,” I said. “She can’t walk, but she’s happy!” Of course I went on to explain that she has spina bifida and what that entails. She shared with me a little about her daughter.

“I miss the smiles,” she said. “My baby has muscular dystrophy, and she doesn’t smile at all.” I peered into the buggy to see the expressionless child. She seemed healthy to me, but I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have a child that was limited in this way. Maybe the slight possibility of not walking was not such a big deal after all. People tell me all the time what a joy my daughter is to be around, despite her limitations. Her caregivers at day care are happy to go above and beyond by responding to her special needs. My mother, who works in the child care industry says that, without a doubt, these caregivers have children that they favor. I know that my daughter is one of the cherished.

The inability to smile, I decided, was far worse than a repaired open neural tube. And while I’m constantly thankful for Chemobaby, it’s nice to have a reminder that what I’m dealing with could be a whole lot worse.



  1. Nancy…
    She sure is a joy to be around! And she is definately a happy little thing. You are right, it could be worse. She is a miracle baby and I know you love her more than anything! You and Jim are wonderful parents and I am so happy that you have Amanda to make your lives happier. May God Bless all of you! Lots of Love to Amanda…Ava was talking about her today!

    • Melissa,

      I am so glad that I finally got to meet your kids! They are all sweet and fun-loving, I wish I’d had an opportunity to meet them sooner. Let’s not make it so long between the next visit. Thanks for including us in your vacation plans. We had a blast!

  2. LOVE IT. You’re wonderful Nancy. Keep it going.

    • Thanks Traci. I hope you are all well!

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