The Ultimate Surprise

May 18, 2010

In Ignorance Really is Bliss, I shared the “how” part of my crazy pregnant with cancer story, but an even better part of the story is how we found out that I was pregnant. If they had an award or contest for the strangest way to find out about a pregnancy, I would probably win it.

After undergoing a bilateral mastectomy in April 2008, my final pathology report revealed that the cancer had metastasized through one of the lymph nodes that had been removed during the surgery. So since they saw some evidence of spreading, they wanted to go in and remove additional lymph nodes. This second surgery occurred two weeks after the mastectomy.

That morning, my then fiancé, now husband, and I were in pre-op waiting to get the day started. The nurse came in and took me down the hallway to get a urine sample. Standard procedure—no big deal. I even joked with the nurse about how there was no way in hell that I could possibly be pregnant, blah, blah blah.

So about 45 minutes later, my surgeon came into the pre-op room with a puzzled look on his face.

“What’s up Doc?” (I had always wanted to say this and finally, an opportune moment had arrived.)

“Well,” he said matter-of-factly, “Your urine test says that you’re pregnant.”

My fiancé and I just looked at each other, dumbstruck. The doctor stated that he still really wanted to do the lymph node removal that day, but that a positive blood test might cause the anesthesiologist to do things a bit differently and we were already behind schedule. He said he’d be back in about an hour.

Well, let me tell you, that was the longest hour of our lives. The minutes crept by like we were on a bad date.

When he returned, he said, “Good news…I talked to the anesthesiologist and we can still do the surgery today, so I’m really glad about that.”

“What about the other thing,” I said. “Am I pregnant?”

“Oh yeah, your definitely pregnant,” he said as he exited the pre-op room. “See you in a little bit.”

And without hesitation, I began to love Chemobaby from that moment forward.


One comment

  1. I can’t even imagine what a shock that must have been! I remember hearing the news and you could’ve knocked me over with a feather!

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