Early Arrival

June 5, 2010

The funny thing about having a scheduled C-section delivery is that even though it is scheduled in advance, things may not go according to schedule. Your mind is trained to mark that date and you just sit and wait patiently for that day to arrive. Unless, your baby, like mine, decides to alter the delivery plan.

It was hard enough to schedule a doctor from my OB-GYN office to deliver my baby on January 2, 2009. It was right smack in the middle of the holidays and half of the doctors in the practice were on vacation. But I was able to schedule one, so we were in good shape. January 2nd was a Friday, but my darling baby had decided that Mommy and Daddy deserved a child tax credit for 2008, and she somehow tore the membrane and my water broke at 10:30 PM on Sunday, December 28th.

We thought for sure that we’d end up with some crazy doctor like Julianne Moore in “Nine Months” since half of the doctors were on vacation, but as luck would have it, the same doctor that had been scheduled for January 2nd just happened to be on call on December 28th. I had arrived at the hospital at around 11:30 PM, but they wanted to wait until close to morning to deliver her since I was not in active labor or experiencing contractions.

So at about 4:45 AM I was whisked off to the delivery room, where they numbed me from the waist down and performed a C-section. Amazingly, I didn’t feel a thing. Even when the doctor said, “You’re going to feel a bit of pressure when I pull the baby out,” I felt nothing.

And then, a cry, the sweet cry of my fighting angel was heard. The doctor said, and I quote, “She’s beautiful!”

I said, “I’m sure you say that about all the babies you deliver.”

And she said, “Nope, I’ve seen some fugly babies, and she is not one of them!” My doctor actually said fugly. I could hardly believe it.

And after a brief moment of gazing into my precious baby’s eyes, she was whisked off to recovery and then the operating room for repair of her spinal cord defect. But I’ll save that story for another day.



  1. I love that your doctor said fugly 🙂

  2. Why am I not surprised that you got the cool doctor? ; )

  3. Be sure to tell everyone what a brute little Amanda Panda looked like compared to the other babies in the NICU!

    • Well, she was quite large compared to the other babies…mostly preemies!

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