It was no time to wig out…

June 30, 2010

All of  the cancer resources tell you the same thing…be prepared and buy a wig BEFORE you begin chemo and start losing your hair. So I did. But when the day arrived that it was actually time to wear it, I didn’t want to. I put it on and stared at myself in the mirror for a loooong time. I fussed and tugged at it, trying to get it to look “normal,” but it looked so fake to me. It made me feel fake, too. I think that was the worst part.

What I realized was that I didn’t want to hide my cancer from everyone…I actually wanted people to know that I was in treatment. I was not the cause of what was happening to me, so I decided that I had nothing to be ashamed of. And it was great feeling to be so open about what was happening to me. My sister commented to me when we were out to breakfast one day, “People stare at you…”

“Of course they do…how often do people get to see a bald woman?” I replied. They weren’t staring at me because they thought I was a freak, they were just staring because I was a rarity. I understood that. Bald guys are a dime a dozen, but bald women, that’s another story.

I look back on those days now with fondness. I have a beautiful head, and I showed the world that hair loss is only weird if you want it to be. My God…it’s just hair, ya know? The picture below is my absolute favorite from this time period. What a great story I have to share with my daughter…when the time is right…



  1. I love that photo too! And, you definitely can rock the no-hair look! Like mother, like baby! ; )

  2. Thanks! I hopefully will never have to rck the no-hair look ever again!

  3. Wow, what a great look on life!

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