October is more special than I thought…

October 15, 2010

Not because it’s the month where the temperature here in sunny Florida finally starts to decline. Not because it’s Halloween, or the Annual Food and Wine Festival at Epcot Center in Orlando. And not because it’s the month where we celebrate Columbus Day (although those are all great reasons to celebrate).

What I just realized is that, not only is October Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s also…

Wait for it…

Spina Bifida Awareness month! So next year I vow to be more prepared to do something to support my little one’s cause. The Spina Bifida Association (National) sponsors a “Walk and Roll” event that looks like a lot of fun, so maybe I’ll do that next year.

So, the only advice I can share with you for now is how important it is to take folic acid. Take it when you’re trying to conceive, take it while you’re pregnant, heck, take it even if you’re not trying to get pregnant. Taking folic acid can prevent 70% of spinal cord defects like spina bifida. Had I known this valuable tidbit of information, I would have taken this step to prevent Amanda’s condition. Folic acid and pregnancy go hand in hand, and the sooner this fact becomes widely known, the better off future babies will be.


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