Retarded, but not in the way you’d think

December 13, 2010

At about this time two years ago, I was seeing a perinatologist at least once a week, in addition to my own OB-GYN. I  had been seeing one throughout the pregnancy, since, at thirty-eight, I was considered high-risk. Of course, when you throw the cancer in on top of all of that and then the baby’s spina bifida, they took every precaution possible.

The baby was not growing at a rate considered to be normal…growth retarded, they called it. So due to her “retarded growth”, I had fetal monitoring and stress tests every three days toward the end to make sure everything was fine. They even threatened to go in there and take her out early if they remained concerned about her lack of growth.

Funny thing was, I knew she was fine. Don’t ask me how I knew, but I just knew she was going to be little, like me. Given the circumstances, maybe I should have been more concerned, but I perceived the extra monitoring as inconvenient and maybe even unnecessary. I had to miss a lot of time at work and the appointments were never “in and out.” So when they told my husband and I that I would have to report to the hospital on Christmas day for tests, I had to put my foot down.

“I’m sorry, no,” I’d said. “I’m not coming in on Christmas day. You’re going to have to settle for the day after Christmas.”

And just four days after Christmas, my little, mighty warrior made her debut at five pounds, three ounces and eighteen inches in length. The petite princess that would defy all odds was far from retarded. Who says amazing things don’t come in small packages?



  1. Soul Sistah, you knew that Amanda was fine because your Mamma Bear instincts had already kicked in. It’s that mom’s intuition thing, and it’s often eerily psychic.

    So very proud of you and your little warrior girl!

    • Soul sistah, you are so right. I have seen your own mamma bear instincts, and they are fierce. Nobody in their right mind should be messin’ with you, girl!

  2. It is amazing how calm you were and how sure you were—it really did put the rest of us at ease to see how confident you were. And, of course, we know you were totally right! She’s gorgeous and amazing!

  3. Thank you, Christina. I only take credit for the “amazing” part. I think she gets the good looks from Jim!

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