What’s in a name?

December 24, 2010

Choosing a baby name can be challenging, especially if both parents are involved. Since chemobaby was conceived under such unique circumstances, I felt compelled to select a meaningful name. So the name I had in mind was Miranda, which means “miracle.” Unfortunately, this name did not resonate with my spouse, and we ended up easily settling on another first name, Amanda, which means, “She who will be loved.”

I felt pretty good about the meaningful quality of the name we’d chosen, but to me,  it still wasn’t as powerful as “miracle.” I needed more “unmph.” The middle name was going to have to get me there, I’d decided. I’d thought, what was the theme of this entire experience? Especially after we’d first found out about her spina bifida, we agonized over what quality of life she would have, would we be prepared mentally to handle everything, and what about medical costs? It was all very overwhelming.

And not too long after that, I just decided, this is all happening for a reason and I am obviously capable of handling this, otherwise God would not be selecting me to be the mother of this special angel.  Faith was the common thread of our journey, and it can be a powerful thing. And I know some of you do not believe in God, but faith can be powerful, regardless of who you find it in. In fact, I know whole-heartedly, that my faith was not just in God, but in myself, my husband, my family, and my friends. We were going to stand behind this little girl at all costs. And we have.

I know this week marks the celebration of the birth of Jesus, but on December 29th, I ask you all to celebrate the birth of my amazing warrior angel… Amanda Faith.  I love you, sweet angel…you inspire me every single day.



  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Amanda! I can’t wait to celebrate it, and many more, with you.

    Luv, Aunt Dina

  2. A lovely name story that she will cherish forever as much as we cherish her!

    Happy Birthday (soon!) Baby Amanda! (you’ll always be Baby Amanda to us!)


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