Love, Mommy

June 21, 2011

I’ve been a Mom for two and a half years now. While this role was new and unexpected to me, I have always taken things in stride, attempted to not sweat “the small stuff,”  to enjoy the time when she’ll be small and innocent. (That was a brief time period!) It seemed to be an easy transition for me.

A few weeks ago I departed on an overnight trip with a dear friend of mine and left a note for my husband and daughter. (See image above) This note was the first time I’d ever signed anything from “Mommy.” For some strange reason, looking down at the paper and seeing that Mommy signature was a surreal moment for me. It reminded me that, forever and a day, I’ll be someone’s “go to” person. That what I give to her is so much more important than what she gives to me. I think I tend to just go through life without worrying about too much, but every once in awhile I’m struck by a moment of clarity. That moment that I remember just how lucky I am to be her mother. Here’s looking at you, kiddo.



  1. Sweet. Yup, mommy is forever.

  2. And such a good “go to” mommy you are!

  3. How just a few words can bring tears> I unfortunately will never be able to feel what you do, so cherish every moment that you have. I’m sure it’s a wonderful feeling. I love you but always know she will love you more than anyone in the world. You are truly blessed with a little Angel.

    • Hi Tammy,
      I am very lucky to have this experience and to share it will all of you who follow me on this blog. I know many women who want to have children experience insurmountable challenges and never realize that dream of motherhood. As for me, I encountered challenges of another kind and realized the dream of motherhood that I never knew that I desired. My little angel certainly is a blessing!

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