And I thought I had a rough time…

July 15, 2011

It’s funny how so many things in life are relative to our own experiences, and every once in a while you read about heroes that take courage and faith to a whole other level. This article chronicles one family’s saga of failed pregnancies, melanoma, testicular cancer, and melanoma (again!). Holy moly, you have to read this!

And I love the comment on the article that states that “Pregnant With Cancer” is such an awkward headline for an article. I’ve got news for that person…it’s not so awkward when you’re the one living it!



  1. Thanks for the continuing inspiration to be thankful for every moment!

    • Your welcome, Dawn! I am so inspired to share when I read others’ stories involving decisions to continue or not continue with a pregnancy when cancer is involved. I am so happy this woman decided not to take her doctor’s recommendation. It hit SO close to home with me.

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