Go with the Flow

November 16, 2011

Warning: If you’re offended by pee and poop posts, stop reading now.

If you’re the parent of a child with SB, then these topics are even more a part of your life than you’d ever imagined. Two years ago we got what seemed like devastating news at the time: “You’ll need to start intermittent catheterization 4x a day.” Most, but not all, children with spina bifida have to be  due to compromised bladder function.  It looked so easy when we watched the nurse do it.

But once we got home and had to do it ourselves, it was a whole different story. On a male, the anatomy is much easier to figure out, but with girls, it’s a bit trickier. My husband and I both struggled the first couple of days to find the correct “location,”  and it was very frustrating. And then there was the whole day care thing…would they be willing to accommodate our little one?

Much to our surprise, they were willing to learn so they could accommodate our Chemobaby. They had never dealt with cathing or SB before, but the teachers there were willing to do whatever was necessary to help her to function.

And now, cathing is regular part of life for us. I still do my best to be discreet in public bathrooms and whatnot, but I’m not as self-conscious as I once was. And so far, Chemobaby takes it in stride, too.  In the grand scheme of all conditions related to SB, catheterization seems to be a pretty small price to pay for a fruitful life that does ot include a wheelchair.


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