The Moment of Truth…

October 3, 2012

I remember the day my diagnosis was confirmed like it was just yesterday. The appointment that day was set aside to go over my biopsy results. No exams, no proocedures, just results. Somehow in the back of mind I knew what was coming, and maybe that was why I was able to deal with it so non-chalantely in that moment.

I sat across from the doctor in his office, (not an exam room), and listened to him tell me that we had some work to do in order to get me better. I had stage IIB invasive ductile carcinoma. He showed me what a port looked like, and explained how they would install the device into my body and that would make chemo a lot easier. It all seemed so surreal at the time. And somehow, in front of the doctor, I held it together the whole time I was in that office.

And then I got out of there and called my fiance, and I just lost it. I’m sure it was hardest for me to take, but I’m sure that whatever he was feeling at that time wasn’t too great, either. I didn’t have many days where I felt negative or defeated in any way, but this one that stands out as one my most challenging days. The only day that tested me harder was the day we found out that Amanda had spina bifida.

Why do I tell this part of the story during Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Because surviving cancer is about hope and strength. I do hope someday for a cure, but for those that will follow in the absence of a cure, know this: It is important to allow those that love you to rally around you. Try to remain as positive as possible. Hell, cop an attitude toward your cancer if necessary. And if you lose the battle, let it not be because you didn’t try or hope to overcome it. Never…give…up.



  1. Rocky just didn’t stand a chance against the force of nature called Nancy! Way to inspire others.

    • Well, the determined spirit was mine, but it was definitely fueled by the support of my wonderful family and friends. Thank you for being two of my biggest supporters, then and now!

  2. You have such a wonderful support network around you because you are so loved by many. I’ll never forget your spirit and determination in fighting this disease.

  3. You are such an inspiration, Nancy! Beautiful post.

  4. Thank you, Kim! I appreciate you following me!

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